Corporate & Group Team Building Workshops

Help corporate teams, small groups, small businesses learn valuable skills, team-build and more.

Self defense and personal safety is a priority in all areas of life. Most people spend more time at work than anywhere else. Whether you work as a real estate agent, teacher, late night manager or other professional – we can provide corporate C.O.B.R.A. training.

Here are just a few corporate testimonials

” This was one of the most informative and enlightening classes I have ever attended! It was fun and I learned a lot! Thank you for practical advice I can use now.”

Kacey C., St. Petersburg – Verizon

“Learned strategy on day one. Everyone should take this course. ”

Paula – Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

“We couldn’t find a course that would be able to train our agency officers until we found C.O.B.R.A. After the training our officers were very impressed with the course and what they learned.”

U.S. Department Of Forestry/ Agency
Lecture Topics

Situational Awareness, Criminal Intent
Threat Recognition, Threat Levels
What Works & What Doesn’t, Child Safety
Strategies To Avoid Becoming A Victim
Everyday Weapons For Defense
Survival Mindset: What It Takes
Physical Instruction

Interactive Reality Training – Myth Busting
Striking: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced
Escapes: Wrists & Escorts, Head Locks, Chokes, Bear Hugs, Hold Downs
Anti- Abduction & Deadly Force Situations
Weapons Defense: Knife, Gun, Club, Rope
TRAINING Specific / Customized To Meet The Clients Needs


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